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This year within the framework of the festival we will begin to link theater as a powerful tool for cinema, we invite Arnau Álvarez, actor and theater creator, who from Barcelona, ​​Spain will tell us about his process and experience in creating his characters and the work group with his theater company. ​


Thus, different views and points of view will meet in this space to generate an imagined city among all, through their experiences.




arnau alvarez enserio film festival.jpeg

arnau alvarez

Actor and creator. Trained at El Timbal Center for Training and Scenic Creation, in the Pla studios for Actoral Training. He then studied the Theater Creation Postgraduate course with Roger Ribó and Blanca Solé. For many years he is a Flamenco dancer, until along the way he finds, with interpretation, a new way of expressing himself, which will become his profession. His training is enriched with Scenic Fighting courses with Xavier Calderer. Hospital Clown with Sergi Claramunt. Or Touch the silence, mime, with Carlos Martínez.

As a complementary training, he navigates between different disciplines such as singing with Gabriel Vallone, martial arts, and the execution of different musical instruments, such as the classical guitar. ​


As an actor, he participates in different shows such as Fedra, performed in different theaters in Barcelona and the Circle of Arts in Toledo; El Club de las Pajas, at the L'Amistat theater; Hotel Bravo, in the Theater of Sarriá; Temps Salvatge At the Bonnemaison theatre. And he works as an actor/creator in the projects Té escribo esta noche and Hotel Saphir.

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