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terms and Conditions

All categories without exception must be subject to the following general rules:

to. Comply with the condition of being feature films or short films, fiction, documentary, animation or experimental, exercises or audiovisual pieces in accordance with the requirements of the call and based on the premise proposed for 2021.

b. Submit to the Curator Committee to evaluate them and determine that they are feature films or short films, fiction, documentary, animation or experimental.

1) General conditions to participate. If you meet all the requirements to participate, you can submit a video to be considered in the film festival at no cost through the online platform as provided in these regulations.  The deadline for submitting proposals will be from October 1, 2021 to November 10, 2021. The content of all proposals must address the issues of resilience, reconciliation and reconstruction, within the framework of vulnerable contexts in their environment. For example, Afro Cinema, women's approach, alternative cinema, neighborhood stories, builders within the conflict, cinema without labels, local, national or international.

2) All registered work must be framed in one of the categories described below: Feature films and short films without restriction of time, genre or style. Animation, documentary, fiction and any other narrative is accepted. Similarly, stories that meet any of the themes proposed by the festival. Not all the films will be shown on the platform, but those that are selected and highlighted by the public will be promoted on the online platform so that the jury can evaluate them.

The jury is the public, those interested in learning to rate cinematographic works will be able to access the platform and register, this gives them access to the works that are participating and can be seen by the registered public and this will generate a score for them.  This score only benefits the qualifier with some token gifts or surprises. It is an incentive for more people to see the works and invite more people to see them.

The works with the best score go to the hands of a professional jury selected by the organization of the festival, they ultimately decide who meets all the parameters, such as the premise, technical aspects and cinematographic narrative, always taking into account the score of the jury audience.

3) What are the technical requirements to submit proposals? All proposed videos must be an edited final product: raw works will NOT be considered.
  Proposals do not need to have already been distributed to be selected. Proposals may be submitted in any language with the sole condition that, if they are not submitted in Spanish, they MUST have subtitles in this language if they have been selected to compete. All proposals must be submitted in 16:9 landscape format (1920 X 1080 pixels) in a high definition file, hosted on a platform such as YouTube, Vimeo or another easily accessible platform.

Language and subtitles: Productions spoken in Spanish must have English subtitles; those spoken in English must have subtitles in Spanish; and those spoken in languages other than Spanish or English, must have subtitles in Spanish and English.

4) What prizes will be awarded to the winning proposals? A jury made up of the public will examine the works and will qualify a final selection taking into account the genres and presentation formats, from which the nominees for the awards will come out. The selected videos will be announced on November 12, 2021. Among the aforementioned nominees, an expert jury selected by the festival organization will choose the award winners. From November 12 to 19, 2021 and the winners will be defined.

5) The prizes for each of the categories will be the following: Publication of the winning work on our platform until the next version of the festival, exclusive access to those registered on the platform. Only those registered will be able to see the works on the platform.

Certificate and laurels that will be sent to the email of the owner who registered the work.

The main categories are:
best short film
best feature film
Best premise based on the theme proposed for 2021 "Stories that give life" .
Best work selected by the public
Best Animation or Experimental

The awards or recognitions of the allies to the festival will also be added, this year we have the Scotland Cinematic Festival. With them an exchange of works is generated, the winners within the category that Cinemaattic chooses, will be part of its catalog of works for its next version of the festival. This previously coordinated with the person in charge of the winning work.

We also have an alliance with the Latin American platform where the winning works will be exhibited for the time determined with the legal representative of the work.

6) Who can apply to participate in the festival? Producers and people over 18 years of age may submit proposals. Those under 18 years of age may participate with the authorization of their parents or guardians. If the film of a participant under 18 years of age is chosen as a semifinalist or finalist and a written authorization from the parents or guardians cannot be delivered, serio film festival has the right to reject the proposal. In the event that an applicant is a minor (under the age of 18), the term "you" in the regulations shall refer to the applicant's guardian.

7) The registration of the audiovisual work will be designated to a person either director or producer or representative. Each applicant will be able to present all the videos that they wish to register in this festival. The videos must comply with the themes of the festival. (described in number 1)

8) What are the content requirements applicable to the proposals for the festival? Your proposal must be the result of your own work. It may not be a copy or contain third party materials or content (including background music) that you are not authorized to use, may not promote your own or third party goods or services, or include trademarks. Nor may it show dangerous behavior or be defamatory, or violate current laws or regulations. Similarly, you must not breach confidentiality obligations with respect to third parties. If Serious Film Festival has reason to believe that your submission is not the product of your own work, or if a person objects to the inclusion in the film festival of a video in which they appear, or if your submission violates in any way In any other way these regulations, it is possible that we will not take into consideration your proposal or disqualify it.

9) By submitting a proposal for the festival, you agree and undertake to ensure that all production and distribution companies involved in your proposal also agree to grant non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid or perpetual licenses to enSerio Film Festival
  for public screening during the festival events, in case your video is part of the festival selection. Furthermore, if you happen to be one of the winners of the film festival, you agree and undertake to ensure that all production and distribution companies involved in your submission also agree to extend the scope of the above license to the entire distribution of its proposal by enSerio Film Festival on its various social networks and Internet platforms and allied platforms, as well as other screenings at national or international events in which enSerio Film Festival officially participates.

10) By submitting a proposal, you guarantee to enSerio Film Festival that your film is your original work and that it in no way constitutes an infringement of any current copyright not declared in the certificates mentioned above, and that it will have the power to grant the license or authorization described above; You also warrant, in the event that the submission is not your original work, that you have obtained all necessary authorizations and licenses to provide enSerio Film Festival with the licenses described above.
  Copies of said authorization and consent will be provided to enSerio Film Festival together with the proposal, this only in case of being a winner. You will indemnify and exempt enSerio Film Festival from any legal liability incurred by the fact that the proposed video violates the conditions of these regulations or any of the previous guarantees. enSerio Film Festival may exclude your candidacy from the film festival if you breach these regulations, violate any applicable law, or take or take part in anything that damages the goodwill, prestige or general public image of enSerio Film Festival.

11) If your film is selected by enSerio Film Festival, either for the list of finalists or for an award, you will be authorized to mention this circumstance in your communications, without using the enSerio Film Festival logo, but using the corresponding laurel . Participation in the film festival does not guarantee obtaining a prize or any other benefit. enSerio Film Festival is not responsible for any damage, loss, liability, injury or disappointment that you may have incurred or suffered as a result of your participation in the film festival or the acceptance of any prize. Further, enSerio Film Festival disclaims all liability for any injury or damage that may be caused to you or any other person's computer in connection with your participation in the film festival or downloading of any materials related thereto, or as consequence of the above. enSerio Film Festival reserves the right to modify or discontinue at any time or from time to time, temporarily or permanently, this film festival and prize competition, with or without notice, including for reasons beyond its control. The decisions of enSerio Film Festival in all matters under its control are final and binding. Any misunderstanding regarding the interpretation or application of these regulations or any other aspect of the film festival will be subject to conciliation, unless resolved amicably. In the event that the conciliation fails, the misunderstanding will be resolved through arbitration. The arbitration will be carried out in accordance with the modalities agreed upon by the parties or, in the absence of an agreement, in accordance with the Conciliation and Arbitration Rules of the International Chamber of Commerce. You and enSerio Film Festival will accept the arbitration award as final.

12) Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the rules and that the film festival can show films online, only for members registered on the platform. We want to develop a community of international filmmakers dedicated to promoting cinematographic works online.

All productions, exercises or audiovisual pieces must register through Festhome ( The organizing team of enSerio Film Festival edition 2 will be in charge of viewing, selecting and inviting the films and audiovisual pieces that have been registered on the Festhome platform.


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