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Singer, musician, poet and composer

Pascual Cantero, better known as I bite, is a Spanish singer, musician, poet and composer. In 2011, he presented his first album "Flores entre elsteel", for which he had the support of. Spanish artist Luis Eduardo Aute. Two years later, he recorded his second album in Barcelona entitled "Tocando Tierra", with Latin, folk and urban rhythms. Then came "Southern Wind", "The Hand in the Fire", "End of the First Life"  and recently "The blood of the world", achieving recognition both in Spain and in Latin America.

I bite has participated in several festivals in his native country, such as El Viña Rock, El Arenal Sound or El San Festival; He has also participated in different international musical events such as El Tribal Gathering in Panama. In 2018, Murcia was awarded in the category Best Album Of The Year at the Music Awards of the Region of Murcia with the album "La mano en el fuego".

His songs, inspired by his particular reality and the society in which he has lived, have penetrated the public who are fans of pop, folk, funky or hip hop, who manage to identify with the songs he presents. As a composer and singer, his promising future.

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