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meeting of gazes

In life, as in the cinema, they conclude glances, points of view  and approaches that allow us to perceive the world differently. In this version we want to discover how, through the different arts, it is possible to focus on elements full of life that illuminate and allow us to build a better society, perhaps a more humane one . How to build new perspectives through art?

Find out!

Jaime Lara

Film Researcher, Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Film Editor

His fields are fiction and documentary. He has participated in national and international productions, many of them awarded in film festivals. He is currently co-founder and director of the production company Mito Estudio Creativo, as well as creator and director of the writers' room of his production company called, Tres Plumas Para Un Guion.

Emma Fernandez

Bachelor of Art History

President of the Catalan Federation of Film Clubs.

Graduated in Art History from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


She has been part of the programming team of the Filmoteca de Catalunya since 2001. She has always been linked to the film club world. She was part of the Cineclub Fritz Lang of the Autonomous University of Barcelona from 1991 to 1997 and is currently the President of the Catalan Federation of Film Clubs.

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Spanish singer-songwriter

Muerdo represents a new author song, an urban and mestizo song, with lyrics of great forcefulness and human and social depth. His proposal is endowed with a whole mix of sounds attached to folklore and the land, but also to urban genres such as hip-hop or rock.

Roger Ribo

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Actor, director, stage creator

What is the starting point for storytelling? From where do we tell them and what is the need to talk about certain topics? The Catalan actor, director and stage creator, Roger Ribó, shares his point of view about where to focus to connect with the public and generate processes that transform from within to achieve more humane, sensitive societies and, incidentally, a world better.

Alejandra Toro Calonje

Doctor in History and Arts with a specialization in Peace and Conflict Management.

Through her project 'Sunflowers', she tells us how dance can become an instrument of social reconstruction, through which people who have suffered the consequences of war can re-signify their stories, retell them through a new language and, thus, re-know their bodies and their place in the world.

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