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Classifying and qualifying a cinematographic work is not easy, not everyone has the ideal and specific criteria for this task, that is why in the final stage of the festival we invite these experts in different artistic and analytical areas to give the last word and clarify focus.

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Adriana Villafañe

Communicator - UN Consultant

Social communicator journalist from Univalle, specialist and master in higher education.

Social communicator journalist from Univalle, specialist and master in higher education, teacher for 27 years in areas of the image, such as audiovisual analysis, image theory, semiotics and scripts. She directs the documentary line in the TP program in Audio and Video Production of the Professional Drawing Academy Foundation, from which she also strengthens the formation of audiences in relation to audiovisual products recognized for their contribution to audiovisual language and film culture through the Cine foro Caja, as well as the visibility of visual and audiovisual production in the EnCorto Festival. He belongs to the Eidon research group, to which he has contributed with editorial publications, conferences, national and international papers, and to the Red de investigadores de la salsa.  We can conclude that his life and academic production have mainly revolved around visual and audiovisual narratives.


Ana Palomo

Art historian, actress and creator.


Graduated in Art History, actress and creator. While studying a university degree in Art History (University of Barcelona), where she specialized in Film History, she started in the world of acting in the Aula de Teatro de la Facultad de Geografía e Historia (Theater Classroom of the Faculty of Geography and History). She trained in acting at El Timbal Centre de Formació i Creació Escènica, where she studied the CFGS in Theatre Acting Techniques (2015), the Postgraduate in Film and TV Acting (2018-2019) and the Postgraduate in Theatre Creation (2019-2020).
She complements her training in creation and dramaturgy with courses taught by Enric Ases (El Timbal, 2018), Denise Duncan (Sala Beckett, 2019) and Lali Álvarez (2022).
As an actress and creator, she has participated in the collective creation projects of Cia. La Cúpula, Closed (La Vilella, Festival KM.0, 2017) and Alejandra (nunArt, festival Al forat, 2018), as well as Assajar és de covards. La Gala (Teatre Tantarantana, 2019) by cia. Casa Real.
He has also collaborated in forum theater plays with the cooperative Trama and has made the support to the production of the company Parking Shakespeare in the winter season 2017-2018. In the audiovisual field, the medium-length film Sala de fiestas (por hora) stands out.
(Dir: Pol Fuentes, 2019).
Currently, he participates in the collective creation projects of his company, Cia. Mala Idea: Hotel Saphir (Teatre Aquitània, 2022) and Cómo eliminar el olor a lejía de las manos, in full creation.


Jaime Lara

Film Researcher, Screenwriter, Director, Producer and Film Editor


His fields are fiction and documentary. He has participated in national and international productions, many of them awarded in film festivals. He is currently co-founder and director of the production company Mito Estudio Creativo, as well as creator and director of the screenwriters' room of his production company called, Tres Plumas Para Un Guion. He teaches in the film program at the Universidad del Magdalena and at the Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca. He studied a Master's degree in screenwriting for audiovisuals in Spain where he began researching what he calls "The Spiritual Drama", which he puts into practice in his last three short film scripts, two of them in pre-production and four feature film scripts nearing completion. In addition, Spiritual Drama is the subject of his double doctoral studies, Ph.D in Complex Thought at the Multiversidad Mundo Real Edgar Morin in Mexico and Ph.D in Philosophy at the University of California, USA. He is part of the team of jurors and speakers of the international laboratory of scriptwriting for feature films, Guayaquil LAB of the Guayaquil International Film Festival, which in turn is a pre-selecter of scripts for the Bolivia LAB. He is a member of the Colombian Association of Documentary Filmmakers ALADOS, the Audiovisual Directors Management Society DASC, the Screenwriters Management Society REDES, the new Network of Playwrights and Screenwriters and the Colombian Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

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