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Classifying and qualifying a cinematographic work is not easy, not everyone has the ideal and specific criteria for this task, that is why in the final stage of the festival we invite these experts in different artistic and analytical areas to give the last word and clarify focus.

Angie Castro

Actress - Screenwriter

Angie Castro is a versatile, charismatic and vivacious actress born in Cali. Her experience began in New York in the theater and then she moved to Los Angeles to continue her career as an actress in film and television and to develop her own projects. He wrote, directed, and acted in his first short film called Salsa Mia, where it is currently screening on Amazon Prime in the US and UK. Salsa Mía has gained worldwide recognition winning more than 30 prizes and awards. He is currently co-producing a feature-length thriller called “Muertos” that will be filmed in Mexico and developing a limited series that will be filmed in various international cities including Cali.

Carlos Santa

Artist - Film Director

Born in Bogota, he is an artist, painter and sculptor who has had multiple exhibitions such as, The neighbors of the planet 1991, Anima 1993, El Circo 1998, Images from the rearguard 2004, Other times 2009, Cinema by meters among others. Illustrator in various media such as El Espectador, El Siglo, El Tiempo, La Prensa, Gaceta, Numero and Kinetoscope among others. Director of animated films based on the plastic arts, such as The Passenger of the Night 1990, The Dark Jungle 1994, Fragments 2000, the feature film The Strange Omens by León Prozak 2009.  He was honored at the 19th Experimental Film Festival in Madrid, where he exhibited his crank works. The feature film The Strange Omens by León Prozak was chosen as the best Colombian film at the Cali Film Festival. He made Mar de Fondo in 2011, Fantasmagoría in 2013, El Jardín de los secretos 2014 and Relatos de Reconciliación 2018-2021 feature film for release. Exhibition at the University of Edinburgh - College of Art - Cinematics 2019, We have no time 2019. He is currently working on the feature film Astrolabio and the short film Each one in his window 2020 - 2021. His work and that of his Moebius Animation group can be seen at

Diana Leal

Communicator - UN Consultant

feminist migrant. Master in Strategic Communication, currently works as a Consultant at UN Women Chile. Since 2017, she has participated as a radio host on Radio U. Central in charge of the program Pregonando. She belongs to the network of migrant journalists in Santiago de Chile and the group of salsa women proclaiming. He also works as a teacher of Strategic Communication at the Adolfo Ibañez University.

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