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Judy Luna

Social Communicator, professional from the University of Valencia in Event Organization and Management. Since the beginning of my career I have been a producer of several shorts and medium-length films made with colleagues. In the year 2000 I started with the creation of my first short film festival en  Cali, called 'Cinmillimetros', which It was in force for three consecutive years, generating a significant impact for the audiovisual sector of southwestern Colombia. Later, I moved to Bilbao - Spain for 15 years,  expanding my borders and  working on short films with the University of the Basque Country and Tele Bilbao. In 2017 I was linked to the executive production of  'Proyecto 48 Cali', working for two years in a row, in the positioning and strengthening of this festival in the city. Similarly, during 2019 and 2020 I worked in the production of the 'Cinetoro' Experimental Film Festival, coordinating both executive and field production.

I was a creator and producer member of the 'EnVivoValle' festival, which arose from an audiovisual creation laboratory supported by the Government of Valle, between 2018 and 2019. It was carried out in different municipalities such as Palmira, Buga, Roldanillo, Jamundí, Buenaventura, El Cerrito and Tuluá, workshops in which the production of audiovisual shorts through cell phones and creative resources was encouraged. From here came a feature film called "Hicimos una Pelicula" with the director Miguel Urrutia. Which will be released in the last semester of 2022.

In 2019 I produced the short film Salsa Mía with my friend Angie Castro as director. Achieving an interesting success worldwide, receiving more than 20 laurels for said work.

In 2021 I continued working on the premiere of the feature film Reconciliation Stories by director Carlos Santa.  Largo that reached movie theaters in Colombia.  Parallel to this in In 2020 I gave life to the enSerio Film Festival, in partnership with Claudia Estrada, with whom I had already worked on previous projects.  There are already three consecutive years betting on this project that slowly continues to grow and strengthen,

In this way, my experience in the production of both festivals and laboratories has been expanding. Currently I have just done the general production of the Ajazzgo Jazz festival in the city of Cali, version 2022, and developing projects with other artists and personal in parallel.

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