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Alejandra Toro Calonje

Social Communicator-Journalist - Dancer

I am a Doctor in History and Arts with a specialization in Peace and Conflict Management from the University of Granada, Spain (2018), with a Cum Laude qualification. Social Communicator-Journalist from the Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia, 1994) with a Master's Degree in Defense Sociology and Strategic Studies from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS, 1997) in Paris. I have a Master's degree in Information and Communication Sciences (DEA, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Université Paris 3, Paris, 1998); a Specialization in Latin American Studies (IHEAL, Université Paris 3, Paris, 1999) and I am an Expert in Peace and Conflict Management from the University of Granada, Institute for Peace and Conflict, Spain (2013).   

I have extensive experience as an organizational social communicator in various companies in France, as well as an editor. I currently work as an assistant professor and researcher at the School of Social Communication of the Faculty of Integrated Arts, Universidad del Valle, in Cali. Within the framework of my doctorate, I was the director and scriptwriter of the contemporary dance play Girasoles performed with women victims of violence. I am a member of the research group "Nexus, Research and Creation in Journalism, Social Mobilization and Written Culture" of the School of Social Communication of the Universidad del Valle and of the "Ibero-American Research Network on Imperfect Peace" (RIIPI).

Among my lines of research are studies on the body, which I complement with my activity as a dancer of contemporary dance, salsa and African dance. Also Social Communication, gender studies, climate change, artistic education and the construction of a culture of peace. I have published various articles in books and in national and international indexed journals and have given presentations at various national and international meetings.

Bull, A. (2017). Girasoles, a contemporary dance piece, performed by women from the Colombian Pacific, victims of violence. Script and direction. Contemporary dance work, available on YouTube: .

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