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Regulations for the public jury of enSerio Film Festival

By applying to participate in the Serious Film Festival, you will be deemed to have read and accepted these regulations in their entirety. Your participation must meet the conditions that appear in these regulations. This contains all the aspects related to your participation in the film festival. Entries that do not comply with these regulations will not be taken into account in the voting process and will be rejected by the organization of enSerio Film Festival, who will not have the obligation to inform the juries that they are rejected. Those registered under the jury category may be withdrawn from the contest at any time, it is only necessary to send a written request to

Participation Methodology: It is the second version of the gamified film festival with audience training. The gamification will generate a score for taking all the workshops or activities dictated by film professionals who will share their methods to qualify the competing films. As the registrants develop the steps to become jurors. These accumulated points can lead them to win different prizes. (These awards are under the selection of the festival organization).

Steps to follow: Follow the steps below to become a serious Film Festival jury.

  1. Register in the form that is at: By filling out the form you are accepting the conditions of the festival and you will have access to the platform with your profile where you can start enjoying the content of the festival. 

  2. Taking from the workshops:

We have workshops with experts who will explain how to watch and analyze an audiovisual work, among other topics, thus fulfilling the training line of the festival. It is a mandatory requirement to get to evaluate the works and accumulate points.

  1. Rate the works:

When you have finished your training as a jury you will be able to access all the participating works. There you will apply all the advice and recommendations of our film experts.

  1. The festival:

Finally, you will have from November 12 to 19, 2021 to give your rating and select your favorite work. On November 21, the winners of the festival will be published on our social networks and platform. And from November 21 to 27, the winners will be displayed on the platform.


The content of all the proposals will address the themes raised by the festival for this version "Stories that give Life". Premise that juries must take into account when qualifying.

The festival receives works in two formats, short films and feature films, with total freedom of genres and styles such as Documentary, fiction, animation, experimental, Afro Cinema, women's approach, alternative cinema, neighborhood cinema, conflict actors, cinema without labels. which includes the experimental

Requirements: You need to be registered on the platform and follow all the steps to complete your training and vote from November 12 to 19, 2021 .

Seriously film festival we want to develop a community of moviegoers who have a solid foundation for film appreciation. 

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