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Everything is going to be alright!

¡Todo va a estar bien!

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enSerio Film is a digital festival with traveling face-to-face versions in Cali (Colombia) and Barcelona (Spain), open to all creators from anywhere in the world who have a story that inspires them to create more humane realities and show how through daily acts it is possible to create a better world.

Diversity, love, resilience, freedom, empathy.

Imagined Colombia

Here are the Colombian works that show how we can build a better country: more human, diverse and kind. Dare to dream, imagine a better world!

Festival of Festivals

Regardless of the distances that separate us and the different perspectives, we know that we can build better worlds when we connect with others. Enjoy the films from our allied festivals.


the winning movies

Discover the stories that move us to be better human beings.

Here you can see the winning works in 2023

Nature Speaks Trailer

In life, as in the cinema, glances, points of view converge  and approaches that allow us to perceive the world differently.

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